Acknowledging Our Abundance

By meredith, December 16, 2011 1:48 pm

Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to believe you had everything? I don’t mean the second or third house and the fancy car and the trip to Europe. Nor do I mean discounting basic needs, like food, and shelter, and a sense of safety. I mean the things that really matter (or so, we are told, or we learn, as we get older), like healthy relationships, to love and to be loved, some meaning and purpose in life, laughter, sunlight, exercise, fun. Because when I think about what’s really important to me, I truly have it all.


But it takes some real, genuine practice to adopt this mindset the majority (or all of!!) the time. We don’t just wake up one morning and feel as though a flip has switched. Or maybe we do, but it doesn’t  necessarily just stay that way forever: not without some effort on our part. We can practice thinking about what makes us happy, what we have to look forward to, the great things that can happen (or did happen) in one given day.

When friends come to me for a listening ear and maybe a little bit of insight into their world, I often find myself telling them that we can’t always have everything in place. You know what I mean by that. Like we can’t have the great relationship, all these friends we love to hang out with, a job we enjoy, in a fun neighborhood, and feel like life’s going well. But can we? I have friends that, while they’re day’s not peaches and cream every single day, would say that really and truly do have it all. And it’s not just my Mom and Dad, who’ve had a little more time than me (over thirty years) to reach that conclusion. There are people my age, in my life, who would say they have it all.

The point I’m making is that it makes sense to think about the ways in which we already have it all. It is totally normal and great to wake up and consciously decide to make a mental note of our abundances. A future husband who loves me. A furry dog I can snuggle. A big ole Christmas tree with lights on it. Plans for a bonfire this weekend. A family who loves me unconditionally. A future husband who I love and who makes me laugh every day. Friends I can run with; make dinner with; have a glass of wine with, any day of the week. An able body that is healthy that can run me all over town. You see what I mean. And maybe there are smaller things that change from day to day. That’s what makes it exciting. So enjoy the richness of your life this holiday season. Think about what you’ve been given; what you’ve earned; what you’ve given; and what will grace your day with its presence today. Or tomorrow. And maybe the next day too.

It’s like Melissa Ferrick always sings: (Everything I Need). YEAH!

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