Lessons Learned While Picking Raspberries

By meredith, July 22, 2013 11:19 am

Who would have thought that raspberry picking could be such a fitting metaphor for my life? Or at least give me some perspective. It’s hot, and my son is in the baby carrier on my chest. We don’t have too much time before he is ready for a change of scenery, but I want to pick as many raspberries as I can because the ripe ones won’t last until the following day…


First I pick the obvious ones – some are low hanging, and others I have to push my hand through the leaves to get to them. I have to be careful, though, so that I don’t get pricked with too many thorns. It’s not me I’m worried about as much as my baby’s little soft limbs.

Just when I think we’ve collected all the ripe berries, I bend down a bit, or take a step backwards or forwards, and whaddyaknow, there are more berries to be picked! I continue to change my perspective and see that there’s usually more than meets the eye. And when I’m tired, or my baby’s ready to go inside, or I feel like I can’t possibly find another ripe berry, we call it a day on the berrypicking front.

And that’s okay. It’s great, actually, because now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Sure, I’ve snacked on some berries here and there while I picked, enjoying them in the moment, warm and ripe from the sun. But I also have some to enjoy later. And I have some to share with my husband. And when I run out, I can go back tomorrow for more. I’m thankful to our neighbors for growing berries and even more so for sharing them with us. What a wonderful way to spend the morning with my son or an afternoon with my family.

Such a sweet, simple treat.

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