What to do while baby naps…

By meredith, December 2, 2013 1:27 pm

Okay, so there’s the obvious things, right? Things like:

Take a nap.
Call somebody.
Eat a snack, or breakfast or lunch.

But what else is there? Here’s a bit of a brainstorm. I’d love to hear from readers what you do while your baby naps. (or have done.)

-Order and send out holiday cards.
-Organize your photos.
-Work on the baby book.
-Start or write a blog.
-Skype or Facetime a friend.
-Invite a friend, colleague, or neighbor over for a cup of coffee or tea.
-Sit out on your deck, yard, or front steps and enjoy the sun.
-Read. (Book, articles online, etc.)
-Apply for jobs.
-Research that next thing you want to do. (ie yoga teacher training course, trip, visiting a friend, take a class, etc.)
-Write a letter.
-Write in your gratitude journal.
-Watch a mindless show.
-Watch an inspiring video or a movie.
-Snuggle your dog.

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