Looking Back on Following My Gut

By meredith, March 14, 2014 8:58 am

Looking back on following my gut is really the main thing that’s going to get me through returning to work this coming Monday. The thing is – when I sit and think logically about the benefits for my family, my son, my husband, and myself about going back to work, in both the short and long term, the positives really do stack up. But when I am overcome with emotion about how much I will miss my little man, and how hard the transition may be for both of us (especially me I hear!), and think about all of the unknowns, it’s hard to remember those reasons, to really feel them and know them in my heart….

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That’s when I start to think back to decisions of yore, especially those within the last couple of years, both big and small. After a certain point, when I had collected all the information I possibly could, and talked it through with as many trusted friends and family members as I saw fit, I went with my gut. And I’m glad I did what I did. Because no decision is perfect – but it can be just the right time to make that decision.

The decision to leave my job and not return to work after my 12 months leave (that I had negotiated for.) The decision to turn down that first part time job offer in September. The decision to turn down my first full time job offer a month ago. The decision to go out for a paint night when I was pregnant and tired. The decision to pare down my activities towards the end of my pregnancy to really rest and nest and reconnect with myself. All of these decisions and more have been right for me, and in a sense, for my family as well.

So now when I come to the decision to work full time at my new organization, having turned down another offer made two days after this one, I rely on my past decisions. I trust myself to follow my instincts and make the best decision for me, for us, at this time. I don’t know if working full time is right for me right now. Only time will tell. But I feel pretty clear that for me, for my family, for now, this is the right step.

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  1. Mike says:

    You’ve got great gut. I trust it too :)

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