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Cloudy Days are for Everyone

By meredith, July 22, 2015 9:24 pm


Okay, you guys. So I absolutely love nature metaphors about life. I’m always concocting new ones or seeking them out in daily life…oftentimes spontaneously. And tonight after I took this photo, when I was driving home from work later on, I started thinking…about how much I love clouds. And then about how every time I look at the clouds I can find beauty. Just like that.

And then I got to thinking about how people talk about the perfect day as “there wasn’t a cloud in sight.” Like that’s the perfect day. Like a day in life without clouds is perfect. But no, not me….I like to find my easy beauty. All I have to do is look up. Just muster up enough energy or presence or awareness to look up. And there it is. I can be so easily moved.

Anyways then I thought about life and how I am thankful for my proverbial clouds in life…Because without shadow, there’s no light…and without sadness, there’s no joy.

And so on and so forth. Anyways, this is new for me – if you can’t get to a blog post, maybe you just write it on an image on Facebook or Instagram? So I start telling my amazing friend Carmen Maianu about my metaphor of the day that I plan to carry with me these days…and she reminds me we share an affinity for nature metaphors and THEN she starts talking about how the clouds produce the rain which makes things grow down here on earth and then BAM it got that much better. Let’s avoid a drought and a desert, here. Let’s bring on the rain clouds. Have a cloudy night y’all! xoxoxo

P.S. Not to mention some of the sunsets I’ve witnessed on a cloudy night. smile emoticon

High Five! Five Easy Steps to a Healthier Day

By meredith, November 8, 2014 1:48 pm

1.) Walk the dog around the block, once in the morning and once at night. Don’t have a dog? Take a lil’ jaunt anyways – you never know who you might bump into, and sometimes even just smiling at a stranger is a nice way to start the day. (Sound boring? Take along a podcast – like Serial. Mm mm good.)

2.) Sprinkle some cinnamon in your coffee. It tastes like a treat AND it’s good for you. It has countless health benefits, from helping to even out your blood sugar to helping to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

3.) Write a letter to someone special in your life – it’s fun to pick out some lovely stationary, and even more so, to use it waxing poetic to someone important. You’ll remember how lucky you are to have them!

4.) Ask your boss if you can have a walking meeting. Get some Vitamin D (if it’s sunny out), and move your body a bit…

5.) Sprinkle Chia and/or Flax Seeds (for added health benefits such as help with digestion and boosting your immune system) in any and EVERY thing you eat today.

Cheers to health!

Simple, Yummy Fall Salad

By meredith, November 8, 2014 1:42 pm

So I don’t even like raw mushrooms really. And uncooked spinach? What a DRAG. Do I really have to pretend to like it? Not any more, you all. Not. Any. More.

Yesterday I discovered, through cleaning out the fridge before things went bad, that spinach and mushrooms, raw, with a little bit of salt n’ peppah (’s got it swingin’ again…) is DELISH.

The magic? Blue Cheese Dressing. Turns out, you can make any veggies come alive when you’ve got bluech on your side. (Bluech – my word for blue cheese dressing.)


Sounds of Joy in the Morning

By meredith, October 28, 2014 11:19 am

On those rare days when I let my husband greet our son in the morning so I can lay in bed just a little bit longer and get some rest for the weary, I love what I hear. My favorite sound is the sound of the men in my life giving my son a kiss. Before you think I am stereotyping the male penchant (or lack thereof) for affection, hear me out. There is something so special about witnessing (even if only through hearing it) my husband or my Dad giving in to that urge to just kiss kiss kiss that little boy. It’s an urge I gladly give into all day every day, every chance I can get. And it brings me great joy to hear them giving into that natural instinct as well.

Then there is the sound of the pitter patter of little feet, in knowing that my little guy is running around, getting excited and happy about something or just giving into his own urges to move.

These are the sounds of joy for me. Simple. Pure. Joy.

photo (6)

Looking Back on Following My Gut

By meredith, March 14, 2014 8:58 am

Looking back on following my gut is really the main thing that’s going to get me through returning to work this coming Monday. The thing is – when I sit and think logically about the benefits for my family, my son, my husband, and myself about going back to work, in both the short and long term, the positives really do stack up. But when I am overcome with emotion about how much I will miss my little man, and how hard the transition may be for both of us (especially me I hear!), and think about all of the unknowns, it’s hard to remember those reasons, to really feel them and know them in my heart….

photo (6)

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How I Fell In Love With the 20 Minute Run

By meredith, February 4, 2014 9:18 am

That’s right. It happened. I have run marathons and half marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks – anything short of an ultramarathon (that’s just nuts…J ). And suddenly, especially since becoming a Mom, I’ve become this huge fan of twenty minute runs. There’s no pressure to run a certain pace, no worry of tiring, and it fits nicely into the day without really having to schedule it.

(Not to mention the fact that I can bring my ten month old son along in the jogging stroller and be almost guaranteed that he won’t fuss or get bored before I’m done. That way, it’s actually relaxing for me as well.)


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My Own Unforeseen Struggles with Breastfeeding

By meredith, January 28, 2014 9:53 am

Thus far, my most difficult challenges of parenting have been those that I had never imagined, never knew existed. Nobody really talked about them, so I had never heard of these issues before. Take, for example, breastfeeding: I wondered if I’d be able to breastfeed.

I’d tell people that I planned to breastfeed, ‘if I was able.’ I don’t know that I knew exactly what this meant, but I think mainly I assumed that if the baby could latch, and I could keep up my supply, I would be able to breastfeed my baby. Mostly, I had heard others reference breastfeeding ‘if they were able to’, but I never really heard exactly what those potential challenges could be.

I then heard six months thrown around as a mark to accomplish. I made it there, so I decided to try and breastfeed for a year. Fast forward eleven months: I’m still breastfeeding. And as far as I know, supply hasn’t been an issue, nor has my baby’s interest in or ability to latch and feed away. In fact, at my two week check up, the midwife referred to him lovingly as ‘Mr. Boob Man.’ Yes, yes indeed, he is…


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Merry Go Sweets – a Stay at Home Mom’s Creation

By meredith, December 17, 2013 10:37 am

Natalie Navatta-Golia is the owner and founder of Merry Go Sweets, a Canton, MA based custom handmade treats company. She caters events with desserts, and sells her products through word of mouth, her web site, and even her Etsy shop. She is also the mother and primary caregiver of two young boys, Frankie, 5, and Luke, who will be 3 in the springtime.  Read on to hear about how her business was born with a lot of hard work, passion, and late nights in the kitchen after putting the kiddos to bed…


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What to do while baby naps…

By meredith, December 2, 2013 1:27 pm

Okay, so there’s the obvious things, right? Things like:

Take a nap.
Call somebody.
Eat a snack, or breakfast or lunch.

But what else is there? Here’s a bit of a brainstorm. I’d love to hear from readers what you do while your baby naps. (or have done.)

-Order and send out holiday cards.
-Organize your photos.
-Work on the baby book.
-Start or write a blog.
-Skype or Facetime a friend.
-Invite a friend, colleague, or neighbor over for a cup of coffee or tea.
-Sit out on your deck, yard, or front steps and enjoy the sun.
-Read. (Book, articles online, etc.)
-Apply for jobs.
-Research that next thing you want to do. (ie yoga teacher training course, trip, visiting a friend, take a class, etc.)
-Write a letter.
-Write in your gratitude journal.
-Watch a mindless show.
-Watch an inspiring video or a movie.
-Snuggle your dog.

Calling all Mom(or Dad) Friends!

By meredith, November 8, 2013 3:25 pm

The other day I decided that someone should invent a Match site for Moms. I mean, sure, you can meet other Moms at the playground while you chase or appease your little one; JP Moms is hard to beat for events and activities to connect with other Moms as well (especially our FB page for the tadpoles!); and there’s always the random meet up in the grocery store or wherever else. But it can take a WHILE to really find your soul mate moms, those with whom you connect regardless of whether you are both changing diapers all day or reading the same Baby Center developmental milestone updates. At least, that’s what a lot of Moms have told me…

photo (5)

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