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What I Do

The Wholistic Weight-loss Method

This 7-8 week course is a complete start to finish so you can stop worrying about what to do and how you could possibly do it and follow the simple step by step instructions.

The main focus is getting your mind working at it’s peak and supercharging it with the power of the Holy Spirit. Only then do we look at the usual focus, diet and exercise.

Weight-loss Coaching

There is something special about being able to nut out issues and have support when it’s needed. And let’s face it sometimes we know the principles but just not sure how to apply them to our individual situation. That’s where coaching comes in.


Fitness Coaching

Just not sure where to start with exercising, what is better for fat burning (hint sit-ups will not give you a flat stomach), how to progress, or have injuries or other limitations?
Fitness coaching is the one for you! 

You can choose from standard or tailored exercise programs to take the confusion and frustration out of training so you can worry about more important things like your play list!


Top 3 changes to reach weight-loss goals!

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