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Wholistic Women
I help women to get in control of their thoughts and weight so that they can live life without worry or guilt.

Weight Management Method

Wholistic Women's Weight Management Method is the ONLY truly comprehensive wholistic and new-age free weight management method designed to ensure you don't end up one of the 80-90% that regain their lost kilos...

Personal Training

If you want a little more direction and/or motivation to exercise this is for you (online option available).


Aches and pains? Tight muscles? Trigger point massage can assist in softening the muscle tissue so you can get back to living the life you love, pain free!
Hi! My name is Dani
I am wholistic weight management coach
Use first-person (I, me, my, we). First-person conveys intimacy, so it is like you are talking directly to your audience. Decide who your target audience is and write to that person or group. Write about how and why you want to help your target audience. Write about what makes you unique. This will showcase your style, especially if you have a particular program, assessment, or model that you use.

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